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TS Nexus is a highway engineering consultancy, which specialises in the design of public realm and streetscape schemes, as well as project management and site supervision.

The company was founded in 2010 by the current Director Simon Rollinson, who has extensive experience of designing and delivering a wide range of public realm projects from feasibility design through to construction.


Our work is backed by 20 years' experience gained through work with various Local Authorities, which covers a wealth of schemes, varying from small scale Section 278 works to significant large scale projects, such as the award-winning regeneration of Aldgate.


We strongly believe in the value of the public realm, in all its various contexts, and that schemes should better the environment for the local community as well as all users on the public highway.


Most importantly though we believe that every scheme should be built and designed such that issues and problems are minimised for the Client.


From experience, we find that there is too often a distinct lack of information and quality between the preliminary and detailed design stages, which ultimately impact on construction programmes and finances.


Therefore our ethos is to ensure quality of design as well as quality of information for clients, developers, architects, engineers and contractors.

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