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With over 20 years' experience in highways design and construction, TS Nexus have a proven track record of offering clients a full range of services, from feasibility design through to site supervision and construction.

Blueprint Design

Feasibility & Preliminary Design

TS Nexus has experience in many aspects of the feasibility stage of scheme development, from the most basic stages through to preliminary design. Whether it be locating areas and issues which require further consideration, hostile vehicle mitigation or developing basic sketch designs, we have the expertise to assist all clients.

3D close up Section-Model.jpg

Detailed Design

We offer a full range of services to ensure that schemes are fully designed, costed and programmed, and tguarantee that contractors have full and accurate information to ensure that as many issues as possible are reduced before works commence on site.

Construction Site

Construction Supervision

At TS Nexus we understand that whilst it is important to deliver high quality designs arguably one of the most important parts of the scheme is the construction stage.

Business Meeting

Site being constructed

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