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Feasibility & Preliminary Design

TS Nexus has experience in many aspects of the feasibility stage of scheme development from the most basic stages through to preliminary design. Whether it be locating areas or issues which require further consideration e.g. hostile vehicle mitigation or developing basic sketch designs we have the expertise to assist all clients.


Previous works involved determining where LiP funding should be spent and included the gathering and assessment of various data containing accident statistics, vehicle speeds / volumes, cycle flow and pedestrian flow information.


We’ve also assisted other consultants in helping to develop preliminary designs for schemes by using their information and developing it for their client. Such schemes include Leytonstone High Road, John Carpenter Street and Aldgate.


We’re also keen to champion innovation that encourage better use of the public highway. As far as we are aware, we were the first consultantcy to table plans in 2009 for a Dutch style roundabout to Transport for London.


Our ethos is to develop high quality and achievable preliminary designs to ensure that schemes can be taken to the next stage without the need for drastic and often costly changes.

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