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Detailed Design

We offer a full range of services to ensure that schemes are fully designed, costed and programmed, to ensure that contractors have full and accurate information to ensure that as many issues as possible are reduced before works commence on site.


We can offer a full package of work which not only includes design services but liaison with various stakeholders such as utilities, local authorities and other specialist consultants, to ensure that the scheme is in the best possible position before starting on site.


Our technical expertise covers all areas of highways design including:


  • Site clearance

  • Drainage

  • Vertical and horizontal alignment

  • Carriageway and footway construction

  • Signage and road markings

  • Landscaping

  • Security works (such as Hostile Vehicle Mitigation)


Our belief is that the quality of our designs is not only reflected in the quality of the final scheme on the street but by our clients' satisfaction and the repeat work we receive from them.


On the Aldgate project, we worked closely with over 60 separate companies and consultants over a 4 year period to not only produce high quality detailed designs for the contractor but manage construction on site.  This incorporated all elements of design stated above, as well as involvement with structures, utility diversions, bespoke planters, fountains, plant rooms, archaeology, lighting, landscaping and traffic signals. All were developed to a level so that on-site construction proceeded without complications and were constructed under budget and within the time frames specified by the client.


The quality of not only our work has been recognised internationally and we have had the privilege of being heavily involved with winning major awards including a Civic Trust Award, CIHT award and highways award for our work on Aldgate.


Innovation is not only key in the early stages but we also look to use this within our detailed design stages. Our work with the City of London Corporation and MacLeod Simmonds Ltd resulted in winning the Highways Award for “Most Innovative Highway Authority Scheme of the Year” in 2018 for the Aldgate project where we used radar survey information to save £2m on utility diversions.

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